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Gage Gage is part of The Barringer Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone novel After nearly losing his friend in a logging accident Gage Barringer is convinced now than ever that he needs to fin
  • Title: Gage
  • Author: Tess Oliver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gage is part of The Barringer Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone novel After nearly losing his friend in a logging accident, Gage Barringer is convinced now than ever that he needs to find a different job But his side business of breaking colts at the small Montana ranch he inherited from his grandfather doesn t earn him enough money He has his mind s Gage is part of The Barringer Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone novel After nearly losing his friend in a logging accident, Gage Barringer is convinced now than ever that he needs to find a different job But his side business of breaking colts at the small Montana ranch he inherited from his grandfather doesn t earn him enough money He has his mind set on running The Raven s Nest, a popular bar and restaurant near his ranch The original owner has died and Gage is waiting for it to be put up for sale But there is a five foot four, brown eyed, obstacle in his way, an obstacle with lips made for sin and a voice made for breaking hearts And Summer Donovan is one road block Gage Barringer won t be able to find a way around Full length novel
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    1. 2.5 starsGoing to rant a bit, hang onWhile I liked the mountain setting and the heroine Summer, Gage s sexual past was bought up too much for my liking Summer even says she should thank all the women he s slept with for making him so good in bed, right after they ve just had sex for the first time And the scene in the bathroom near the start where he bangs some woman he s used for sex before, then minutes later meets the heroine It was just unnecessary and put a sour note on their story for me.T [...]

    2. YUM man mountain Gage.what a delight, thoroughly enjoyed this Tess Oliver is a new author to me, so I didn t know what to expect I can safely say I ll be reading from this author

    3. Okay So yeah, I love this book I m totally in love with Gage And Summer is my girl We can so hang together.I loved everything about this story The richness in it s simplicity of the written word, when getting to know these characters separately Their surroundings witnessing them coming together There was nothing contrived with this simple yet emotionally deep story I m definitely going to read on Hopefully this series only gets better.I HIGHLY recommend this read I m thinking of trying the other [...]

    4. This was a nice read There was a long introduction as to how Summer decided to leave her life in California and moved to Montana to take over her grandfather s restaurant Summer was offered a contract with a record company She is the lead singer for a band The record company tells her that they will only sign her and not her bandmates Summer declines since she has always been with her band plus her boyfriend is in the band Summer declines only to go home to find her boyfriend having sex with her [...]

    5. I m a huge Tess Oliver fan and before you read The Barringer Brothers Series you need to readas it is about Luke, Gage s brother 4 I don t know what they put in the water stars.Summer is about to hit big in LA with a record deal Summer is bright and smart and has the voice of an angel Unfortunately it is either spread her legs or no deal To make a deal even shittier she finds her boyfriend of 3 years cheating on her Her Mum is a bitch So he leaves for Montana to the restaurant she inherited Gage [...]

    6. 4 Pine Scented StarsThe clean mountain air The scent of pine and dirt A hunky guy in plaid No, not a paper towel commercial This book Summer is an aspiring singer living in California Until she becomes a restaurant owner living in Montana Funny how life can throw you curve balls Like finding your boyfriend in bed with your bestie Or finding out your grandfather left you a restaurant Or finding out that your mother is a bitch Gage is a mountain man and a mountain of man He has a dangerous job Act [...]

    7. Gage and Summer I swear I already reviewed this one my computer must have crashed again Oh well, read this one several months ago but I still remember it pretty well because I quite enjoyed it Summer is a talented musician who catches her boyfriend lead guitarist in bed with her supposed best friend Then the man who wants to give them a their big break in the industry, demands that not only must she sleep with him, but they will be replacing everyone in the bad but her Suddenly LA doesn t seem l [...]

    8. Tess Oliver is a new author to me but I have friends who highly recommend her books so when I saw this cover I thought where do I get mine from This is a contemporary romance which is not my usual genre of choice but I m increasingly discovering new authors and setting aside my own prejudices This book was a complete revelation and such fun that I m so glad I took a chance.Gage Barringer is a logger but that s a vey dangerous life and he would really like to just find something else to occupy hi [...]

    9. GAGE WOW Reading OrderRain Shadow 1Rain Shadow 2Rain Shadow 3Rain Shadow 4Rain Shadow 5Gage The Barringer Brothers 1 Cash The Barringer Brothers 2 Seth The Barringer Brothers 3 TBRJericho The Barringer Brothers 4 Challenge A book with a one word title

    10. So, so happy that Gage got his own book I instantly fell in love with him in the Rain Shadow Series His book was perfect, and so was his little California love interest Another great read

    11. I loved this book probably helped a little by all the crappy books I ve read lately Our hero, logger Gage and his underwater welder brother Seth will definitely get your hearts and other parts of your body pumping Even our heroine, wronged singer Summer, has a strong, take no prisoner s attitude that meshes perfectly with our formerly man whore Gage Loved the detailed and accurate portrayal of what logger s do for a living It is hard, dangerous work and only real men need apply Well written roma [...]

    12. Gage is the first book of the Barringer Brothers series, and this series is a spin off from the Rain Shadow Series.The first thing I love about this book is that while it is a new series , we see some of the old characters from The Rain Shadow Series, as well as a host of new characters that you will really enjoy reading about All of the characters are well developed and as usual in the author s way, she takes the character building a step beyond physical description, giving them them substance [...]

    13. Kindly provided with an ARC for an honest reviewyou know me, so here goes.H.O.T damn.Gagepurrrrfect Wow, just when I think Tess has hit her max with the smokin , alpha hunks of men, she produces yet another drool worthy leading male in a story Quick summary.Gage, is the brother of Luke from the Barringer Bros series and this book is his storyhallelujah Our leading lady is Summer and oh yeah people, she is just as awesome as Angel was in her and Luke s books That s a fact.Quick pearl of wisdom.Yo [...]

    14. There are usually reasons why I give a romance 3 stars, and the positive reasons mostly balance out the negative ones.On the one hand, the fabric of one or both of the main characters is made cheaply or its stitching carelessly unfinished Sure, I like a flawed character, if he or she is written off a rich or faithful palate However, I do not like the flaws to come in the form of inconsistencies, shallow conversations for the sake of acknowledgment, or superficial features in the name of hotness. [...]

    15. I have fallen for the Barringer brothers All of them have their own unique personality that you jusy can not help but love Gage is the serious and sensual older brother I love his possessiveness that he shows in this book that is even a surprise to him And it is delicious I was hoping Tess could get a great character going for him Although I did not like Summer at first, I thought she did not have a back bone or faith in herself I loved how she grew into someone she could appreciate and she has [...]

    16. 3.5 starsVery enjoyable read Much better than I expected and a lot steamer than I could have hoped for.A bit of insta love going on, but it didn t rub me the wrong way It all felt quite natural Gage is a giant grizzly bear size man who s never met the right woman to settle down with Until he meets Summer, of course, a woman who s moved to Montana from sunny California to escape a douchey ex The storyline is very cliche and there was nothing surprising or any twists to the story And while that us [...]

    17. I got this as a freebie on It s not the kind of book I would have paid for, but it was entertaining enough Everything that happened was incredibly clich and convenient, from multiple life threatening incidents where Gage could save Summer, to ex boyfriends being douches and showing up out of the blue, to the man who has never committed to anyone falling for this chick in about a week and changing his bachelor ways It was definitely one of those two attractive people finding each other attractive [...]

    18. I received this for an honest review I have to say that once I started this I could not put it down I enjoyed the story and the holy hotness of this book This is the first book I have read by this author and I have to say that it will not be my last I read this as a standalone I believe that I didn t miss out on anything I will be diving into of these books I CANT WAIT

    19. I ve made no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of Tess Oliver s writing, The woman was born to write each story incorporating everything I need in a novel a lifetime of emotion, drama, sex, angst, conflictions, atonements and love, all in the span of a few hundred pages I also believe that as a fan of her work the pressure is substantial to make each story and cast of characters stand out and tell his her story in a way that keeps me as a reader enthralled in comparison to someone who is [...]

    20. Gage is the first book in the Barringer Brother series This is the first book I have actually read by Tess Oliver.Gage is a logger rancher with a naughty streak that runs a mile long The men don t really like him and the women want to get into his pants He hasn t had a serious relationship in forever That changes the first moment he meets Summer Donavon , the new owner of the restaurant he was trying to buy That s when the fire works start Their first meeting was just after he broke the sink in [...]

    21. I can t even express how much I was feeling this book I was wondering after finishing the Rain Shadow series if Gage would flow right along as did the other books in the series.And Let me tell you it did I felt like it flowed right along after the last book in the Rain Shadow series And I mean writing wise Everything just seemed to connect I loved it I mean really loved it The story had just enough of everything No overly drama I just couldn t get enough I read it in 2 days would have been 1 day [...]

    22. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads After Summer declines the Recording Executive sexual advances only to go home to find her boyfriend and band mate in bed with her best friend she decides that moving to Montana to run her grandfather s restaurant Raven s Nest, is for the best.Gage is looking to change his line of work, logging is dangerous hazardous work He wants to buy the Raven s Nest and make something out of it Since the owner died it has been running do [...]

    23. Okay so first of all there has not been a book by Tess Oliver that I have not loved and this one is no exception I think my new favorite book boyfriend is Gage Barringer I love his whole mountain manly man persona, his loyalty, humility, and protectiveness that is demonstrated throughout this book and to top off that cake with delicious frosting he is one hot amazing guy I loved Gage and Hollywood s little love story, both characters are endearing and you cannot help but love them and want them [...]

    24. Tess Oliver is one of my favourite authors, I m yet to read a book of hers that I haven t loved I made the mistake of reading this book before finishing the Rainshadow series, I would advise anyone who hasn t read that and intends to to get them read first as there s tid bits of information on the plot spoken about in this book as Gage is Luke s older brother Still, it didn t take away from this story whatsoever I adored Gage, MY mountain man sorry Summer He s such a gentleman, and there s the f [...]

    25. Our girl Summer has some balls and can take care of herself, please, Logan, don t call me babe Even if you didn t mean to hit me with the mug, it doesn t matter The damage was done when you crawled into our bed with Chrissy Gage has no filter like seriously that boy just spouts things off, eyes turned toward Gage Absoeffinglutely I looked back at him Oh come on that great a of yours is just begging to be spanked He s considerate and patient as well, I won t finish until you come, Summer, he whis [...]

    26. We received the book from the author for an honest review Summer has the voice of an angel and one that can open doors to a whole new world But, when things go haywire with a huge contract and discovering the man she loved didn t love her as she thought, she decide to start a new life in Montana, and run the restaurant that her granddad had left her Meeting Gage was not what she expected Gage is the eldest of the Barringer brothers, strong, charming but very much a loner, having his heart set on [...]

    27. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.The author takes her time introducing us to Summer and Gage and the story is told from both points of view We meet Gage and Summer and have time to learn about who they are, their hopes and dreams and their problems with life before the author brings them together There is no love at first sight in this book and I loved the slow build up.This is a light hearted, small town romance and I was completely sucked in by the story [...]

    28. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a standalone novel, although there are other Barringer Brother books and the reader gets to hear about some of their adventures here.I would score this at 4.5, if I could It was a very enjoyable story, and there were really some lovely bits, such as the tattoo reveals There were some funny moments too, such as when she goes into the barn, but at times I felt the plot was too busy Both Gage and Summer get to tell the [...]

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