Ripped From the Pages

Ripped From the Pages

Kate Carlisle / Jan 27, 2020
Ripped From the Pages When book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright temporarily relocates to her parents place in Northern California she finds that wooden barrels aren t the only things buried in the wine caves of Son
  • Title: Ripped From the Pages
  • Author: Kate Carlisle
  • ISBN: 9780451416001
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright temporarily relocates to her parents place in Northern California, she finds that wooden barrels aren t the only things buried in the wine caves of Sonoma Excited to explore the secrets of wine country, Brooklyn attends an excavation of the caves hidden deep under her parents commune and the findings are explosive A rWhen book restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright temporarily relocates to her parents place in Northern California, she finds that wooden barrels aren t the only things buried in the wine caves of Sonoma Excited to explore the secrets of wine country, Brooklyn attends an excavation of the caves hidden deep under her parents commune and the findings are explosive A room is unearthed, and it contains a treasure trove of artwork, rare books, a chest of jewelry and a perfectly mummified body A closer examination of the murdered man s possessions reveals a valuable first edition of Jules Verne s A Journey to the Center of the Earth Hidden in the book is a secret map that unveils an even greater hoard of treasures brought to California by French winemakers fleeing the Nazi invasion with the commune leader s grandfather, Anton, among them As reporters and art appraisers flock to Sonoma to see the precious bounty, questions begin to rise did Anton hide these items to protect them, or did he steal them for himself Who is the mysterious man left for dead inside the cave But not all crime is buried in the past When a new presence threatens the town s peace, Brooklyn decides to do a little excavating of her own and solve the mystery of the treasure before anyone else is written off.
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        Golden Heart and Daphne du Maurier Award winning author Kate Carlisle spent over twenty years working in television production as an Associate Director for game and variety shows, including The Midnight Special, Solid Gold and The Gong Show She traveled the world as a Dating Game chaperone and performed strange acts of silliness on The Gong Show She also studied acting and singing, toiled in vineyards, collected books, joined a commune, sold fried chicken, modeled spring fashions and worked for a cruise ship line, but it was the year she spent in law school that finally drove her to begin writing fiction It seemed the safest way to kill off her professors Those professors are breathing easier now that Kate spends most of her time writing near the beach in Southern California where she lives with her perfect husband.A lifelong love of old books and an appreciation of the art of bookbinding led Kate to create the Bibliophile Mysteries, featuring rare book expert Brooklyn Wainwright, whose bookbinding and restoration skills invariably uncover old secrets, treachery and murder Kate is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America She loves to drink good wine and watch other people cook.Despite the appearance of overnight success, Kate s dream of publication took many, many years to fulfill.


    1. This is one of those series I read because they are fun, mostly light, and make me smile This one was no exception I enjoy the characters parents who live in a sort of spiritual commune with unusual and very different grown kids most live in or around the same area There s a family vineyard, a touristy village, eccentric characters, and Guru Bob as the kids say when he can t hear The main characters are Brooklyn one of the grown kids , and her life partner, Derek They live in an apartment in the [...]

    2. I don t often start a review by commenting on the cover, but Don Craig s cover illustration for Kate Carlisle s latest Bibliophile Mystery is stunning It beautifully summarizes Ripped from the Pages, the new book featuring Brooklyn Wainwright, the bookbinder who specializes in rare book restoration and finding dead bodies.Brooklyn and her boyfriend, Derek Stone, the British ex M16 agent who now owns a security company, are remodeling their apartment So, they head to Dharma, the commune in Sonoma [...]

    3. Brooklyn and Derek are renting the house next to her parents whilst the owners are away for three months and whilst building work is done on Brooklyn and Derek s apartment Derek bought the apartment next to Brooklyn s and they are knocking the two of them together to make one large apartment Whilst they are in Dharma the commune very RICH commune that Brooklyn s parents live in as founder members the wine caves are too be extended to allow for a better wine tasting area, so a crowd gathers to se [...]

    4. RIPPED FROM THE PAGES was simply a wonderful book Author Kate Carlisle has done another fantastic job of penning an edge of your comfy reading chair mystery Brava I really enjoyed the excavation and discovery of the hidden room with all the amazing treasures including, but certainly not limited to, rare books It s the sort of place many of us would love to discover, with the exception of the body Who am I kidding, that would be pretty exciting too, wouldn t it Ms Carlisle s descriptions of the r [...]

    5. I started reading this series last year and rather enjoyed them Light, cute, fun mysteries that made for an easy little read They were always a bit on the cheesy side, but they were fun and I didn t mind.This one, however, I really didn t like The cheese factor was amped up Brooklyn annoyed me Derek wasn t an interesting love interest any he was boring and predictable Not that this type of book requires a steamy romance, it doesn t, and I don t expect it but there was something about the chase a [...]

    6. I love this series The characters are really fun to get to know, and catch up with as the series continues Reading these books in order is not necessary and I like that because I started with book 8, but will be reading them all Kate s mysteries are quick and enjoyable to read I didn t want to put this book down because I wanted to know everything This is a great book to start with even if you haven t read the others, and reading a book that takes place in wine country is even better Brooklyn co [...]

    7. A Treasure CaveTension is in the air as the hugh crushing machine enters the cave Silence takes over as the machine suddenly stops Brooklyn joins the men of her family The machine has stopped before cement wall It is dark inside and the flashlight shows a treasure cove of small brilliant statutes,books and furniture Suddenly the beam light illuminates a body Where did all this come from The mans papers indicated he was a visitor in 1946 The cave had not been enter for 70 years adding to the prob [...]

    8. I can t explain why, but this one just didn t do it for me I still like the characters, but it seemed to drag and took me forever to get through They are expanding the wine caves at the compound and discover some treasurers and a dead body that had been walled up many years ago Maybe I just didn t have much interest in discovering the story from the past Here s hoping the next one is better.

    9. Read with a glass of Dharma wine Another delightful visit with Brooklyn, her family, friends, and a cozy mystery This time the body is found in a wine cave with priceless art And a book in need of repair So much fun you don t really care who turns out to be the bad guy I love this series and I usually avoid series.

    10. The plot takes place in Dharma, her parents commune Dharma redefines the term commune , btw and involves secret treasures discovered in caves, the French and a bit of WWII history what s not to love More wordy review jennoklikes post 120972

    11. openbooksociety article riBrought to you by OBS reviewer KaytRipped From the Pages is the 9th in Kate Carlisle s Bibliophile Mystery series and it is the best one yet I really did not think they could get any better, but low and behold this one is truly even greater This is a wonderful series with super characters, fun and diverse and intelligent The writing is exceptional as always The setting is fabulous, in the home commune of Brooklyn Wainwright Having Brooklyn and her man Derek staying in D [...]

    12. I received this book for free through GoodReads FirstReads Before I get started, I do want to say that even though this is a part of a series, you don t need to read the previous books to understand the characters and story at all Kate Carlisle does a very good job of giving all of the characters a brief but thorough introduction so that we are well aware of who everyone is.This was my first cozy mystery book, and I found it to be a very good book to read if you are looking for something light b [...]

    13. I found this quite an entertaining little story Though I came in late to the series by starting with 9, the author reintroduced the characters and rather quirky setting quite well I doubt those alone would have kept me reading, but the background material about winemaking and the California wine industry was interesting and main character s occupation as a restorer of antiquarian books was engrossing.

    14. Another great fun read I love this series because the mysteries interest me and the love story is sweet and grows from book to book It is also populated with some zany, nutty, fun people To me, most of the humor comes from Brooklyn the heroine and her hippie witchie peacenik mother.This is not the best book of the series, but it is still a really good, fun read.Derek our hunky, former MI6, rich security expert hero has bought the loft right next to Brooklyn s and the contractors are getting star [...]

    15. A couple of weeks ago at the library, some book friends and I were talking about cozies, mentioning Lilian Jackson Brown The Cat Who Mysteries and M.C Beaton Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth , and someone asked if I liked making books Initially, I was puzzled, but quickly realized she was talking about book restoration She mentioned Kate Carlisle, and I looked and discovered our library had what I thought were the first three books of the series, in paperback Although ordinarily I avoid paperbac [...]

    16. Won t this be fun My mother squeezed me with painful enthusiasm Two whole months living right next door to each other You and me We ll be like best girlfriends Ripped from the Pages is another outstanding mystery from Kate Carlisle She combines Brooklyn s eccentric family, the bookbinding profession, a little about wineries and wine, and a story that takes readers back in history I loved learning about the French, their family artifacts and their flight for safety during World War II The author [...]

    17. I was excited to win an advanced reading copy of Ripped From the Pages because Kate Carlisle s Bibliophile series is one of my favorites In my opinion, this was the best one yet Brooklyn and Derek are spending two months in Dharma with Guru Bob and Brooklyn s family while their apartment is remodeled I love Brooklyn s family and was happy to see that they played a bigger role in this book While excavating a new wine tasting cave, the excavator breaks through a wall and finds a body and a treasur [...]

    18. I received and Advance Reader Copy from Kate Carlisle When I review books, I pay special attention to the amount of gore, explicit sex and vulgar language, as I do not enjoy those elements Once again, Ms Carlisle has managed to give an interesting, entertaining book without adding in those elements I have always loved the way the author keeps this series fresh by moving the location around, introducing new characters and bringing back characters we haven t seen in a while.This time around, we ge [...]

    19. This one takes place completely in Dharma rather than San Francisco I love Brooklyn s quirky family, but even though this takes place where they all live, they don t really play a huge part in the story Robson Guru Bob makes quite a few appearances and we learn a bit about his background and that of the winery The mystery itself seemed a bit far fetched to me and the solution tied up a bit quickly I also found myself bored with some of the descriptions of Brooklyn s work, which is usually not th [...]

    20. I normally devour Kate Carlisle s novels They re the perfect afternoon break from reality and I enjoy her quirky characters This book was my least favorite of the Bibliophile mysteries The bulk of the story happened in about 30 pages The entire first part of the novel just dragged on with little story or character development I just kept putting the book down because it felt like every chapter was or less the same I enjoy Brooklyn s love for books, her family, wine and her man But that should n [...]

    21. Ripped from the Pages by Kate Carlisle is a perfect example of why I love to read a mystery series Of course, I expect a good plot and this book definitely has that but, for me, it s mostly about the characters I have to care what happens to them I had read a previous book in Ms Carlisle s Bibliophile series and will definitely read of them and I enjoyed it immensely but, now that I ve come to know her characters, I found myself so much involved in the story Great book in a great series

    22. Book 9 is an excellent place to start the Bibliophile series, because Kate Carlisle is very good about incorporating bits from the past about the main characters and this is a terrific book Brooklyn s geekiness her word makes this a very interesting series The bookbinding information is something I never expected to be interested in and it has turned out to be one of the things I really enjoy about this series Best of all, is Book 9 s mysteries Midway through the book, I found myself patting my [...]

    23. I think this is the best by far I picked up the 1st one last year on a cruise ship I have been reading them since and was thrilled with this newest one Brooklyn and Derek are renovating their SF apt, so are spending the month in Dharna, the commune where her family lives There is a good mystery in this book We learn about a French massacre during WW 11, there is some art theft involved and some new characters But I must admit, the details of bookbinding is w3hat keeps me enthralled with this ser [...]

    24. I like that this installment takes place in Dharma and that so much of Brooklyn s family is present They are zany fun I also enjoyed the 1940 s mystery I look forward to the next book I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review The opinions are my own and uninfluenced.

    25. Poor Brooklyn She doesn t really find dead bodies wherever she goes Really It just seems that way.I m in love with this series The books are fast paced and the bookbinding information is very interesting I really like the characters that Carlisle has created in this series.

    26. This is the 2nd in this series that I ve read, this one had some real characters in it Still like the quick pace and snappy dialogue

    27. Enjoyable reading, this story is set in California wine country and features much of the main character s family Carlisle does a good job of mixing red herring clues and including the murderer in the suspect list But there are also other subplots that add to the pleasure of the story.Involving an initial murder from 1946 discovered unexpectedly, a subsequent murder becomes the focus of the story The resolution of the 1946 crime occurs late in the story and adds to the satisfaction of the denouem [...]

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